The Old Bog Road

The Old Bog Road
My dog and friend on the old bog road

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

more red squirrel

This evening when out with Ben and Peggy we picked up some hazel nut shells which had been broken open. I hope this means the red squirrel is still about here. There is plenty for it to eat at present.They are cutting logs in the forestry at the moment and I think the squirrel was frightened out of the wood.

After the gale

The recent gales have brought a lot of the chestnuts ( conkers) down and there are bits of twig and leaves everywhere. Hawthorn berries and rose hips  along with spindle are also liberally sprinkled around the road.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Red Squirrel

Today, as I was on my way into town with my friends, just up the road from where i live, on the old bog road, coming down the road towards us  was what we at first took to be a stoat but turned out to be a young red squirrel when we were close enough to see it clearly. It is now several years since I saw one as near to our house as this one was. There used to be a couple which came regularly to the garden. I hope to see it again.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

The road

The old bog road wanders through mixed farmland until it ends up on the bog. I walk my dog down at least some of it every day. The first part is a metaled road but further on it is not tarred but is a typical old country lane, potholes and all. There are hedges and ditches each side of the road with a large variety of plants growing along its length, from those so small as to be easily missed to the majestic horse chestnuts.The wild life is equally diverse form insects and butterflies to small birds and larger ones such as pigeons and crows. There are also animals such as foxes and hares, along with cattle and horses on the farmland. I hope this gives a taste of some of what may appear on this blog in the coming year, where i hope to record the seasonal changes  as they happen with both flora and fauna.